Wednesday 13 February 2019

My Skincare Routine over 7 Days - Morning and Evening - Sunday morning

Sunday Morning

Not many of us are born with perfect skin.  Most of us need to work at it! Let me show you my routine.  I'll explain the different products I have chosen for me and why I use them.
I should start by saying I have normal to dry skin and my concerns are anti-ageing and keeping my skin well hydrated.
Firstly I cleanse - TWICE. Its just like washing your hair -the first time you cleanse you are removing makeup, dust, debris and any product from the night before.  The second time you cleanse you are cleaning your skin.  At the end of the day, its REALLY important to use a first cleanser that is a makeup remover (read the back of the label to see if it is going to dissolve oils and remove makeup.  I am a fan of either of these #Olay cleansers.  They dont dry and strip my skin yet gently clean it.  My second cleanser after this step is Cetaphil.  I love #Cetaphil because it is ph balanced, very gentle and leaves my skin clean and ready for the next step - toner.

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