Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review: MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation

So I’ve been on the search for a lightweight, natural and flawless foundation for a while now…and it’s safe to say I’ve found my holy grail-MAC Face and Body!

In Australia, this foundation retails for $60AUD in a HUGE 120ml bottle- a very reasonable price in my opinion.

I have noticed this foundation is very ‘liquidy’ (I’m making up words) which is because it is water-based so it’s important to shake very well before use. One of the main reasons that I was drawn to this foundation is because it claimed to be water-resistant (and it is) which is perfect for natural photo shoots and ensures that it will last all day long because it is also sweat proof.

Faceand Body provides a sheer, natural coverage. So if you’re looking for a full coverage foundation for a night out I would probably steer away. However, in saying that it has a very buildable coverage by applying very thin layers-hence you can add a little bit extra to problem areas that may require some more coverage (and it still looks incredibly natural!).

This foundation is amazing for applying on the décolletage. It is perfect for my brides who may need to match their face to their neck or want to cover uneven skin tone and blemishes, as it is non-transferable (so won’t transfer onto a white wedding dress-SUPER important!).

There is a range of shades in this foundation line; warm and cool toned so you should be able to match your skin tone very easily. I have the shades C1 and C5, which I use alone, or mix together to create a desired colour.



If you are in search for a foundation suitable for flash photography-this is the one! It does not contain SPF hence does not give your face a white glare and make you look like a ghost.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, everyday foundation you NEED to pick up this foundation! I hope this review was helpful and feel free to ask any questions J

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