Friday, 13 February 2015

All About Fishtails (Hair and makeup for Bridal / Weddings / Photoshoots)

Fishtails definitely have to be one of my favourite type of hairstyles. I absolutely love this hairstyle because the messier it is the better! So you don’t have to worry about being too precise with the sections. If you have straight hair, I recommend lightly curling it before trying out this hairstyle, as it will add more volume and texture to the look.

This style can be used for wedding hair, bridal hair, photoshoots and with soft romantic makeup it can really bring the whole look together!

Here are some easy steps to get you started with your fishtail:
1.     Most people find the hardest part about doing a fishtail is getting started – I recommend using a clear elastic to secure your hair into a loose ponytail
2.     Part your ponytail into two even sections
3.     Take a small strand of hair from underneath one section and bring it across to the opposite side (make sure the sections are small otherwise it can end up looking like a regular plat!)
4.     Repeat this step to the other section and so on until your fishtail is complete!
5.     Secure with a clear elastic or one similar to your natural hair colour
6.     Carefully cut out the clear elastic from the top of your fishtail
7.     To finish off the fishtail, I like to take a few pieces out and curl them to frame the face. To give the braid a more full effect lightly pull the edges to widen it.

Happy fishtailing!

Here are some hair and makeup images from my photoshoot in Brisbane with beautiful Sammy from a few weeks ago wearing a messy fishtail braid and a beautiful soft romantic makeup - by me :).  Pictures created by the fabulous Carly Webber - photographer .

(Hair and makeup styled by Brisbane mobile hair and makeup artist experienced in weddings, bridal, formals, tv, photoshoots, theatre -  Melissa Coleman)

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